Residental parks

Kassák Terrace

Continuation of the highly successful Kassák project

Introduction Apartments

Park West 2-3.

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Introduction Apartments

Római Park

In the vicinity of Danube

Római Park

Living Service

Helping You at Home

LIVING Service packages make residents’ everyday life more convenient in three areas: Community LIVING services include a community living room, a library, cleaning services, car-sharing, a tool-shed and a 24/7 parcel pick up point, SMART LIVING Smart Home solutions ensure that the apartments are energy-efficient and safe, while LIVING Solutions services make it easier for homeowners to manage the tasks related to their new home, whether they bought it for themselves or as an investment.

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Community Living™

Community life

The focused planning of apartments at LIVING’s apartments and the community applications designed through the analysis of future user needs means that the planned condominium operation is more efficient and sustainable in terms of protecting our environment. Residents can enjoy the benefits of community services at any time, even while they reinforce the residential community.

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Smart Living™

The smart solutions

As early as the design phase, all the latest state-of-the-art solutions are considered, so our residential properties are prepared for providing Smart Home services. The base plan includes the most important Smart services:

The hub serves as the basis of the smart system. It connects all of the devices you wish to control with the smart system.
Heating control
Thermostats on the radiators continuously monitor room temperatures, learn each room’s features, and thus maintain the rooms’ desired temperatures with the utmost energy efficiency.
Smart socket
You will no longer need to fret about whether or not you have unplugged your iron or hair-curler: You can simply switch the socket off remotely.

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