Our aim at LIVING is to make sure that you’ll gain the most pleasure from your new home. This is where our professional service company, LIVING Service, can provide maximum support in order to make homeowners’ everyday life more comfortable.

LIVING service packages make residents’ everyday life more convenient in three areas: Community LIVING services include a community living room, a library, cleaning services, car-sharing, a tool-shed and a 24/7 parcel pick up point, SMART LIVING Smart Home solutions ensure that the apartments are energy-efficient and safe, while LIVING Solutions services make it easier for homeowners to manage the tasks related to their new home, whether they bought it for themselves or as an investment.



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Living Services

Community LIVING

community amenities:

In LIVING homes, residents will be able to enjoy the benefits of community services that strengthen the residential community at any time.

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Smart Home services:

All the latest state-of-the-art solutions are considered as early as the design phase, so our residential properties are prepared for providing Smart Home services.

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LIVING Solutions

a comprehensive service package:

We provide comprehensive assistance in several areas, from selecting your fixtures and furniture to renting out for continuous utilisation of the apartment.

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