The Kassák project is located in Klapka utca in District 13, just a block off of Váci út. Its first phase, Kassák Residence was delivered in 2020, while its second phase, Kassák Passage was completed in the second half of 2022.

The new, third and final phase will include the construction of 246 apartments. The residential project will be complete once Kassák Terrace is ready, and the complex, comprising 740 apartments, will also include its own park, spread out over more than 9,000 square metres.

Kassák Terrace is an high energy rated residential building.


Kassák Terrace is just a few minutes’ walk from Váci út. This area has seen huge development in recent times: it has been dramatically transformed by newly built office buildings just 10 minutes’ walk from the project.

This neighbourhood is absolutely ideal for those with an active lifestyle as Margaret Island, the Danube and the City Park, currently undergoing renewal, are all within easy reach.

Kassák Terrace

Types of Apartments


The third phase of the Kassák project, Kassák Terrace, will be the most technologically advanced building complex with surface heating and cooling and, inside the apartments, standard technical equipment with high quality implementation, as well as heat pump solutions. The triple-glazed plastic doors and windows will allow for more efficient noise and thermal insulation, and annual heating and cooling costs may be far lower compared to traditional homes. Residents will have the opportunity to modify the placement of interior walls and the mechanical systems and electrical equipment within the apartment.

Kassák Terrace


The focused planning of apartments at Kassák Terrace and the community applications designed through the analysis of future user needs means that the planned condominium operation is more efficient and sustainable in terms of protecting our environment. Residents will be able to enjoy at any time the benefits of unique community amenities that strengthen the residential community.

Community Living Room

If you happen to be home alone and are looking for some company, you don’t need tot go out to a downtown café: Residents can attend community events to get to know each other and strengthen their community, while shaping the values of their “micro society”.

Business Corner

Whether you work from home or urgently need to print up some business documents, the Business Corner means you have quick and hassle-free options available in the building.


Reading is fun, but what happens if you are fresh out of ideas about which new book to pick up? Head to the community library in the building to browse new titles or even add to them.

Car sharing

You don't have a car, but would you need it urgently? For homeowners of the condominium, wigo car-sharing service is available with premium models, which guarantees mobility.

Tool shed

A fully equipped tool room is open to every resident who needs a little help to do whatever repair or craft job they may have.

Parcel Point

A parcel delivery and pick-up point is available in the residential park for the convenience of our residents.



LIVING homes are built to a higher standard. Below you can find detailed information on services and specific technical information.



Browse our Materials Catalogue for help with selecting flooring and wall finish, bathroom equipment, faucets, interior doors, fittings and kitchen furniture. The Materials Catalogue for flats in the Kassák Terrace is available via the link below.



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