For investors

Due to their excellent location, proximity to the business district and the availability of community services and smart-home designs, LIVING flats are outstanding urban homes that easily lend themselves to rental once purchased.

Budapest’s thirteenth district enjoying unbridled success: investors are constructing and completing office buildings one after the other in the area. The ongoing real estate development causes the value of new flats to go up on the long term. Additionally, tens of thousands of employees at multinational companies are all potential tenants.

The price of flats is increasing throughout Europe, so homes available for long-term rent are among the most stable forms of investment for private investors.


Investment opportunities

Both increasing prices and high demand are reasons not to delay the purchase of a new home. An analysis by LIVING shows that over 40% of the flats are sold right from the architect’s table, 74% of all flats, on average, are sold by one year before delivery, and only 7% of the flats remain to choose from by the time the development is completed.

LIVING Services

The LIVING SERVICES property management services provide comprehensive assistance to the owners of flats purchased as an investment – from selecting furniture through the management of rental and the overall utilisation of the apartment.

Whether it is maintenance or renovation you need or you intend to rent or resell your apartment, LIVING Services are available throughout the process, subject to specific fees. LIVING Services give you peace of mind about your property, saving you time and effort.

Our service provides you with useful information in a timely and efficient manner so that you get an objective overview of your options. Not having to stand in line in the bank will save you time when choosing the plan appropriate for you.

To ensure your satisfaction when occupying your new home, our team will, for a one-off fee, perform all checks and inspections on your behalf during technical delivery.

Quite often, property owners lack the time and expertise to make the maximum profit on their investment. We are committed to using our knowledge of the market to provide our customers with assistance on all aspects related to renting their property.

Would you like to have a turn-key apartment, furnished and ready for your tenants? LIVING delivers its flats complete with modern, fashionable furniture, as well as kitchen and bath accessories and household appliances to its customers upon request. Customers can choose from four different interior design styles, offered as comprehensive packages for studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom flats, respectively.

Customers may request changes to the interior design and technical configuration of their flat, including changes to utilities, electrical layout and architectural designs. We also offer customised packages to allow our customers to select the flooring and wall finish, bathroom equipment and the colour of room doors. The Basic range consists of the options available without an increase to the flat’s price, while selecting from the Premium range adds to the property’s purchase price.

Our contractor services offer our customers the option of creating custom kitchen furniture and closets. This service increases the property’s purchase price.

One of our extra services is cleaning: owners may use the services of our reliable cleaning team, available within 24 hours and easy to order via a mobile application or online interface.

Financial return

Excellent profit rates

In the residential complexes developed by LIVING in the 13th district, a standard two-room flat with a terrace can yield an annual profit rate of 5% (after rental and operating costs), which is considered outstanding in Europe.


Customers can save millions of forints by purchasing their newly built flat at the start of the project. An analysis by LIVING has found that prices go steadily up throughout the construction phase, and the rate of increase grows as the project progresses.

Greater selection

Over 40% of the flats are sold right from the architect’s table, 74% of all flats, on average, are sold by one year before delivery, and only 7% of the flats remain to choose from by the time the development is completed.

Favourable payment arrangements

The favourable payment plans offered by the investors also make the purchase of a new home an attractive investment option: unlike existing homes, newly built properties only need to be paid in full upon completion.


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